Essential Oils

A whole range of essential oils with ayurvedic ingredients . These special oils made from totally pure ingredients culled from plants. They are used in Aroma Therapy all over the world and the best fashion houses in the world use them as the basic ingredient in the most expensive and desired perfumes. Here we present to you a whole range of oils ranging from bath oils to perfume oils to room fresheners. Perfume oils come in small bottles with easy roll on applicators, or beautiful hand blown bottles, to even small little bottles which are easy to carry in your hand bag. Also available are solid perfumes which come in different sizes, in little wooden boxes or beautiful metal enamel inlaid boxes. Something to suit every occasion. You want to use the perfume but do not want to use the oil as it may stain that pretty top or blouse, well, that's why we have the solid perfumes which can be used without fear of staining. Then we have the room fresheners. Different types ranging from sprays to a few drops of oils in water to oil drops on crystals which will waft you away to open fields full of freshness and fragrant flowers. Also available are sachets full of fragrance to make your cupboards smell fresh and wonderful, just like you.