Over Totally Bananas

Totally Bananas was created by J.Khullar, who lives in the pretty town of Medemblik, West Friesland in The Netherlands.

Jyoti with her love of retail, decided that she wanted to do something creative and to capitalize on her years of experience by creating and starting her own company which she named Totally bananas.WHY??? Totally Bananas? You ask?? Because its a name easily remembered.Because we hope to make you go "Totally Bananas" when you see what's  on offer. We have created a variety of Items with you in mind. Hand made bed Linens with matching accessories, that will bring peace and calm into your innermost sanctuary.Imagine, getting up in the morning and looking around you, marveling at the beauty that you have created. Those few precious moments first thing every day that bring you enjoyment and will give you a good start to your day..

We created "Totally Bananas" with you in mind:

Each item is hand made from the very finest quality materials. We personally visit the artisans in India, who make each piece individually, some taking as long as 3 to 4 months to complete. Also on offer is a range of essential oils and hand made candles perfumed with subtle essences.We offer you a beautiful range of Linens, Pottery, Essential oils, hand made paper journals,etc.. all at extremely competitive prices,which we hope will make you go "Totally Bananas" over us..... <3 brought to you with love from www.totallybanans.nl <3