Totally Bananas
Welkom op Totally Bananas Totally Bananas was  created by J.Khullar . Originally from India herself , she lives with her family in the beautiful town of Medemblik in West Friesland, The Netherlands. Jyoti, with her love and background in retail, decided that she wanted to do something creative and to capitalize on her experience by creating and starting her own company which she named “Totally Bananas.WHY?? Totally Bananas you ask?? Because its a name that people will not forget quickly.
Totally Bananas is Jyoti's brainchild. She had always wanted to help street children in India to get an education. It is her dream to see  children go to school and university and help them to get good jobs and lead a decent and happy life .(Perhaps it is because she  herself had such a difficult time putting herself through school and university, that she realized the need to help others)
As can be seen, all the items are hand made and  we buy directly from the artisans and pay them fair prices, thereby cutting out the middleman . That way they earn a fair wage for all their hard work and we supply to you on this website  fair prices as well.
From every € earned Totally Bananas has  pledged 10 Euro cents for the street children in India..
We at Totally bananas are committed to help the GiveIndia"Latika Roy Foundation" which has a list of many charity NGO'S who are helping the poor and needy in India.
There are many medical experts and volunteers from around the world who donate their time and expertise to help the foundation.One of them is  Dr. Sebastian Grüschke   a  staff member of the foundation, from the Netherlands, and thanks to  him there are many dutch medical volunteers who are also donating their precious time to help the poor..
Do take a look at the website  and see what a wonderful job they are doing . Perhaps you to would like to do your bit and donate something for a child, or an old person who is starving and in need of help... With christmas coming up we all have to get together and do our bit to help those who cannot afford even a warm jumper to keep them warm...  A little bit of cheer goes a long way and every cent counts...
In the Netherlands "Give India" has a site called
This is a group of doctors and medical students who go to India from the Netherlands and work as volunteers for the poor and Needy. These people desperately need your help and every cent that you do give them will be used to feed and empower women hungry street children.
Please do go on to the site and see how your money can help...